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Whats going on

There’s a gravity in me pulling me to want to see
What is going on tonight beneath the electric starlight
I like to mix with walks of life who live life on the other side
Pulling muscles from their shell a place to some that looks like hell

Oh the classic song that the jukebox is on has me movin’
Oh the faces here make it so surreal

Oh. in the company of pretty girls and near vagrants
One drink away from sleeping on the pavement
I’m not quite sure what I find so appealing
About the happy hour stealing

A party after party ‘til it started to get grating
Another and another what are we celebrating
There’s always something not to miss
Diving back in the abyss
And it gets so very stale
But tomorrow’s a new tale

In the Frolic Room
The seat I assume
And I’m drawn to the night
And it’s damn neon light

Where are we meeting up at?
Let me guess bet I know
Does it have a sign in the window
Ice cold six packs to go
Sleep it off if you have to
There’s a booth always in shadow
The reality is all around you
It’s the best reality show

Oh, in the company of the privileged and the nearly damned
Mixing like a cocktail of pure spirits slammed
In the danger zone is where you’ll find me
In a certain dive so inviting


Ive been doing my thing lately. going to school and chillin with my friends. I started jammin with Jesse and Henry (Zevin) today. We were talkin and playin and thought of a lot of songs we really want to do. We decided that we're gonna play everything from The Beatles and The Who to 311, Incubus and the Chili Peppers.

Im gonna go to San Diego on Friday with them while they record and probably get drunk again for first time since San Bernadino (fun night until someone made me feel like shit then it got fun again after the shots).

Im going to see 311 on Oct 15 at the Parking Lot of Dodger Stadium. Its gonna kick ass. Im going with Jesse and Henry and my older bro. Its gonna be the second time that I see them. I saw them in March of last year in San Diego and they had Pepper open up for them. They are not gonna have an opening band for this one. Im really excited and can't wait.
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