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2 And A Half Years Later

Im still alive... I have been through changes since the last time I have posted on here... Since the last time people have heard from me: I have long hair now. I play in a band called "Emerican Accent" (, just got out of a relationship with another IMPERIAL GIRL ( I swear, ive been getting the drama bitches from there). I use a different drumset now (Its bigger and sounds a lot better). I am still a big 311 and Incubus fan and hoping to go see them this summer. Ive been listening to a lot of other bands too: No Knife, Lucky 7, Coheed & Cambria, Pilfers, Chevelle, Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones (Awesome Live!!!), and 30 Seconds To Mars. Im still at IVC but gonna finish soon and looking for another job, Im supposed to be working at an Intrument Repair shop here in brawley but they are slow in getting everything ready for that. My little brother Steven is gonna graduate this year from High School and gonna attend Cal State Chico in their engineering program this fall. My Older Brother Joachim is now married with two kids. A little 18 month old girl named Nayema and a 6 week old son named Louie. Its crazy how times keep changing. Everybody with kids and shit. I thought I found that girl with my last ex but all it turned into was bullshit. Shes made drama for me before and is really insecure and made more drama recently. She doesnt know what she wants and I had to suffer for it. She lives in Bakersfield and she was down recently to visit and was caught by one of my best friends with her ex outside her friends house. It sux but i cant do anything about it. Its her choice. She'll regret it later on... They all have before. Im usually out with my friends a lot: Lorenzo, Fonso, Frankie, and Riki. We are always around the valley doing something and having a good time. 

I was talking to an old friend the other day and It brought back memories of shit we have done. The Orchard incident, Joseph talking shit and his one liners, the partying, the people i hung out with at that time and I realized as much of aftermath that happened later on, I had some good times. All the shit I used to do and all the shit I had to deal with, it was worth it because it changed me to who i am now. I usually think twice about what people say and if i do try to get in another relationship, i am a lot more careful in the situations that i am in now because i sometimes dont know what people are capable of doing.

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